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Summary of the Plugin

Download Paid Membership Pro with the license key. Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin for members that lets you sell downloads, courses, and other things. Paid Memberships Pro can turn your WordPress site into a membership site and make money.

One of the most interesting ways to make a steady income from your WordPress site is to make a membership site. Several reliable plugins take care of everything you need to set up a membership website. They let you hide information behind membership “gates” and give different levels of subscribers different discounts. The Paid Membership Pro Plugin is one example of such a tool. The WordPress plugin Paid Memberships Pro has a large user base. It works well for sites that charge for access to exclusive information and subscriptions to sites that provide access to training, clubs, organizations, etc. In this article, you will be able to download the Paid Membership Pro plugin and license key at a discount.

What Is The Paid Membership Pro Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin for members that lets you sell downloads, courses, and other things. With Paid Memberships Pro, you can turn your WordPress site into a membership business that makes money. You can limit what your WordPress customers can see based on their membership level and what they’ve bought before. All the major gateways for electronic payments are built in (no plugins or add-ons are required). Including:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal (Express, Standard, Website Payments Pro, and Payflow Pro)
  • net
  • Braintree
  • Cybersource
  • 2Checkout

This lets you charge people to join your WordPress site in exchange for access to private areas. With the Paid Memberships Pro WordPress Plugin, you can set up as many membership tiers as you want. It also works with subscriptions, which may help you earn more money and provide your customers with a better experience.

Top Features of Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro offers numerous options. When designing a membership site, the features provide you with practically unlimited possibilities. In this part of our Paid Memberships Pro review, we’ll look at some of the program’s more noteworthy features.

  1. Multiple Levels of Membership

Membership tiers are set up to make it easier to build hierarchical systems or to describe the different kinds of members. In particular, the kind and quantity of premium material available to a member are tied to the membership level.

This plugin allows you to set up an infinite number of different types of memberships, including free trials, one-time purchases, and ongoing subscriptions. You can differentiate between tiers by providing exclusive content and varying price points. Members may also link up with other members on many tiers simultaneously.

  1. Extensive Options for Content Restriction

With Paid Memberships Pro, you can restrict access to anything you want. In this manner, only registered users will be able to see your protected pages, posts, categories, etc. This plugin also allows you to limit access to certain pages, post types, or even specific sections of posts and pages. That is to say, you are free to create any access policies you choose for your content. It is also possible to conceal sensitive data. And if any random visitor attempts to access the protected information, you can have them read a message.

  1. Content Dripping

Content dripping is a feature that lets you send out content in small pieces instead of all at once. When content is released at set intervals, viewers can’t get a taste of everything at once. And it’s a critical factor in keeping members around for the long run.

To provide one example, you may delay the start of the tutorials until a certain day or until a certain period after a student has signed up. This ensures that the student may only access the sessions at the time they are dropped off at them.

With the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, you can plan when content will be sent out over the course of a subscription. You can get your readers to return by organizing related content into series. The addon does have this feature, however. You also receive it with the Unlimited and Plus membership tiers.

  1. Multiple Payment Gateway Options

The most popular global payment gateways are all compatible with the plugin. Among them are Stripe, PayPal,, Braintree, and 2Checkout. It also provides a credit card payment option if you like. You can also use WooCommerce to sell membership tiers independently.

  1. Insightful Reports and Analytics

You can get a birds-eye perspective of all the happenings inside the membership through the dashboard. You will get a crystal clear understanding of the direction your membership site is going.

That is, you may see reports on sales and income and even sort the information based on membership tier and time frame (day, month, year). Signups, renewals, and cancellations may all be tracked on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.

Paid Memberships Pro also keeps a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. log of members’ logins, page views, and page access. In addition, you’ll have access to a report that lists every single member, which you can then filter by status, join date, expiration date, and so on. The dashboard also provides information on all orders for new and recurring payments.

  1. Tons of Integrations

The plugin blends seamlessly with other well-known WordPress add-ons. So, you can improve the usability of your membership site by connecting it to these integration plugins. These integrations include WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Zapier, BuddyPress, bbPress, AWeber, and GetResponse, among others.

  1. Includes 75 Add-Ons

The greatest thing is that you can further customize the main plugin using one of 75 available add-ons. The plugin only has the most basic features right now, which might not meet your needs. When that’s the case, these add-ons can be used to get access to a plethora of innovative features.

In all, you will get 19 free add-ons. And if you want access to the rest, you’ll need to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan or the Plus Plan. Functionalities like payment gateways, content drips, advertising, and many more can be extended with the help of these plugins.

Pricing and Plans of Paid Membership Pro Plugin

You’ve probably figured out by now that Paid Memberships Pro has both a free version and a paid version, which shows how popular it is.

The nice part is that we offer premium plans at an affordable price. So, if you have the means and need, you can choose from a variety of premium packages. With any Plus or Unlimited package, you get access to 70 add-ons and unlimited support tickets.

Plus: $397 a year, which includes all of the above features plus 65 add-ons, unlimited support tickets, advanced code recipes, and support and updates for one to five websites.

Unlimited: $697 per year (Includes all features of both subscriptions as well as updates for an unlimited number of sites)

However, we are offering the best discount ever.

Use the advanced features of Paid Membership Pro to monetize your WordPress-based site.

  • Extensive Options for Content Restriction
  • Unlimited Levels with Flexible Membership Pricing
  • Customizable Reports and Member Dashboards
  • Over 60 Premium Add-Ons to Extend and Customize
  • 6 popular payment gateways included

How to Install the Paid Membership Pro Plugin in WordPress

1.    Installing The Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro should be installed from the WordPress Dashboard, just like any other plugin. If you want, you can download the package, extract it, and then upload its contents to the server over the File Transfer Protocol (SFTP if you host your site on Cloudways).

To add a new plugin, just right-click “Plugins” in the WordPress dashboard and choose “Add New.”

Simply type “Paid Memberships Pro” into the search bar at the top right of your screen to bring up relevant results (generally as the first option). To install the plugin, click Install.

2.    Activating the Plugin

When you’re ready to begin using Paid Memberships Pro on your site, simply click the “Activate” button after the plugin has been installed.

3.    Initial Plugin Setup

After you’ve downloaded, installed, and turned on Paid Memberships Pro, you’ll be taken to its dashboard, where your tasks will be highlighted in red. You can watch a how-to video and read the article on their site.

There may be a login requirement before you can enter the help center. Just create a free account to get started with this. Your registered email address will get an email, including a link for verifying the sign-up. You have to be creative to come up with plans for different levels of membership, make attractive pages for members, and set up ways for people to pay (more on that later in this article).

I strongly suggest that you read the Paid Memberships Pro documentation to learn how to set up your membership site correctly and use this plugin to make money for your website. Now I’ll go through the fundamentals of installing the plugin so you can start making money off of your WordPress blog.

4.    Cache Rules Setup

Paid Memberships Pro suggests that you add exclusion rules to all membership pages that are generated by the plugin on the fly. Exclusion rules must be added to both the WordPress Cache Plugin (such as Breeze or your favorite WordPress plugin) and the server caches (such as Varnish Cache).

All of Paid Memberships Pro’s default pages can be found under the umbrella slug “memberships.” When you include this (or the slug you choose for your main Memberships page), all subpages will be skipped, including /memberships/checkout/ and /memberships/plans/. On this basis, you can prevent the vast majority of cache problems that might negatively impact speed and the user experience.


Paid Memberships Pro is one of the most complete member management and membership subscription plugins for WordPress. Your Paid Membership Pro License Key Activation for the Year Update is now available. Restrict content and manage member subscriptions with recurring payments. With user registration, custom profile fields, and robust member management with PMPro, you can build any kind of member-focused business or organization with the features you need today or down the road.

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