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Summary of the Plugin

OxyProps is the awesome add-on for the Oxygen page builder which brings a whole new range of customization possibilities for your WordPress websites. It, for instance, gives you an opportunity to add any category of data or properties alongside your elements and elements of design.  


What is OxyProps?

Okay, so OxyProps is the add-on for the Oxygen page builder that just opens up a whole new dimension of customizing your WordPress sites. Like, it lets you basically add any kind of custom data or properties to your Oxygen elements and design components.  


Features of OxyProps

This plugin low-key packs more features into its code than a cheap burrito has mystery ingredients. We’re talking:

  1. Total Custom Control – Slap any HTML attributes, CSS properties or custom data fields onto your Oxygen elements through a visual interface. No code sweat.
  2. Condition Kingdom – Set rules to only apply those custom properties based on crazily specific conditions like URLs, user roles, device type and like a billion other factors.   
  3. Dynamic DATA – You can even bind those custom properties to pull dynamic data from sources like custom fields, post meta, ACF, user data, whatever!
  4. Pre-Built Components – Save whole sets of custom properties as pre-built components to reuse and remix across different pages without rebuilding from scratch.
  5. Code Mode – For my code bro’s out there, there’s always the option to hop into a raw code editor to tweak those property values faster.
  6. Global Intelligence – Create global value stores that can power your custom properties site-wide instead of just on single pages. Clutch for consistency. 
  7. Design Sync – Any custom properties you add are retained when importing and exporting designs through Oxygen’s built-in library tools. 
  8. Oxygen Theme Linker – This thing also lets you attach custom properties to visual elements in the theme builder for top-to-bottom customization.
  9. Accessibility Assist – Simplifies adding ARIA attributes and other accessibility-focused properties that follow best practices.  
  10. Dev Candy – If you wanna go full Coding Wizard Mode, OxyProps has a whole API, code hooks and intelligent commenting for killer customizations.

I’m telling you…OxyProps just absolutely turbo-boosts your ability to build unique, fully-customizable experiences with Oxygen templates.  


Getting That License 

Alright, so let’s say you wanna unlock all those baller custom property tools for your own WP sites and client work. Here’s the easy download for OxyProps:

  1. Visit Free WP Items website and scope their licenses section and search for the plugin
  2. Punch in your payment details to complete that secure online checkout
  3. They’ll zap that unique license key to your email inbox near instantly after purchase
  4. Copy/paste that sucker into the Oxygen/OxyProps plugin area to activate it!

Honestly, the entire process is stupid simple and only takes a few minutes from start to customizing with their toolset.


OxyProps vs. Other Customization Plugins

Look, there’s definitely no shortage of other random plugins out there aiming to let you tinker with customizations. But OxyProps straight up separates itself from that chump change in a few key areas:

– This thing is purpose-built to integrate flawlessly with Oxygen’s entire ecosystem from the ground-up 

– The UI is legit tailored for visually managing element properties and attributes without friction

– It’s a performance beast with a lean, optimized codebase that won’t bog down even the biggest Oxygen projects

– You get wildly advanced functionality like conditional logic, data binding, global controls, etc.

– The code is clean with clear documentation so even devs can extend and customize it 

– Lifetime license options with major updates from the core Oxygen team, not some shady solo dev

When it comes to fully unleashing custom data/properties within Oxygen templates, no other half-baked plugin even comes close to OxyProps’ native integration.


User Testimonies


“I’m not gonna lie…OxyProps is straight up wizardry for building intelligent, data-fueled websites inside Oxygen’s ecosystem. The dynamic data-binding and conditional logic tools alone are gamechangers.” – Anthony P.  

“Honestly, OxyProps was a must-have for bridging the gap to take my Oxygen customizations to legitimate pro-level experiences. That level of fine-tuned control puts it on another planet.” – Emily Q.


Final Thoughts on OxyProps

These days, people demand smart, personalized web experiences that go way beyond basic landing pages or lead capture forms. Sites need to dynamically adapt based on user behavior, device intelligence and all types of conditional logic.   

OxyProps equips you with a vast arsenal of custom property powers to redefine what your Oxygen templates are truly capable of. This isn’t just simple CSS customization – we’re talking live data-binding, advanced conditions, global controls, the whole nine.  

For solo freelancers hustling client work or big companies managing large-scale projects, having elite tools built natively for Oxygen just streamlines so much of the customization process. Not to mention lifetime update support buys some priceless future-proofing.

If you’re even remotely serious about pushing the boundaries of Oxygen and building legitimately innovative WordPress experiences, OxyProps is pretty much a no-brainer addition to your utility belt.  



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