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Summary of the Plugin

Download Oxygen Builder with the license key. Oxygen is one of the best WordPress page and site builders most developer-friendly.

Discount Deals – Get Oxygen Builder 4.0 and License key; Save $119

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With Oxygen Builder, anybody can create beautiful WordPress themes from the ground up without knowing a single line of code. The addon was first introduced as a plugin; but, over time, it has developed to enable users to design their configurations. While it may be used to create a new website from scratch, it can also be used to make updates and alterations to an existing one.

It allows you complete control over the look and feel of your WordPress site. When Oxygen is enabled, WordPress’s theme is removed from the site. This implies that while Oxygen is active, your site’s theme styles and layout will not be implemented.

Oxygen boasts that it is a highly simple addon due to its use on a drag-and-drop interface. New users, on the other hand, may struggle to get the hang of the addon straight away. They’ll need some time to get their bearings on how things operate here. Because of this, it is safe to claim that the plugin will be most suitable for seasoned web designers and programmers.

The WooCommerce connection and a slew of extra capabilities allow customers to take advantage of this potent WordPress theme builder for any project type.

To help you save a few dollars on your purchase of Oxygen Builder’s lifetime offers, we’ve prepared these discount sales. We’ll also show how you may take advantage of these deals without any fuss. Ensure you read to the end.

Oxygen Builder Features

Oxygen Builder has several fantastic features that will assist you in creating the ideal website. This is well worth every cent that you spend on it. You can get all these features by purchasing Oxygen Builder 4.0.

  1. Templating

Using Oxygen, you can customize the look and feel of any component of your site with custom page layouts. In other words, this includes everything from the home page to the legal page to the thank you page to the archive page. Different categories, tags, and custom post types may all have layouts. You have complete control over the situation.

  1. HTML5 Markup

You may decide what each div element is marked up for when you develop templates in this way. It could be an Aside, a Main, a Header, a Footer, or an Article, among other things. Marking up a template in this way allows you to build an organized layout that can be easily indexed by a search engine.

  1. Speed

Oxygen uses lean code, allowing you to run programs at lightning speeds. There are several ways to speed things up, like using the correct plugins and keeping things simple in design.

  1. WooCommerce Integration

Oxygen WooCommerce connection makes it simple to customize the whole shop. With the Oxygen WooCommerce price plan, you can purchase an Oxygen WooCommerce Integration extension.

  1. Gutenberg Integration

The Gutenberg Integration extension allows designers to create individual blocks or full pages in Oxygen and then use or modify them directly in the Gutenberg block editor. The Oxygen Agency price plan includes the availability of the add-on.

Oxygen’s drag and drop visual interface allows you to construct your own Gutenberg blocks.

  1. Page Builder Capabilities

Oxygen allows users to design one-off pages, such as a home page, a landing page, or any other page that is not a blog post or regular page. With oxygen, you get the best of both worlds.

You’re The Theme Designer

In the old days, we used to build sites using WordPress themes. Themes have no future in my opinion as the future is whole site design using Gutenberg or site builder like Oxygen. Now you can create any design you like, using Oxygen. No need to rely on a theme.

  1. Prebuilt Components

Oxygen has a wide variety of pre-built elements. Once you get the hang of the builder, creating your layouts is a breeze. Make sure you don’t go over the top with your designs, which means keeping things simple.

  1. SEO

Using Oxygen Builder and third-party plugins like RankMath makes optimizing the site for search engines a lot easier. In addition, Oxygen’s lean code ensures rapid indexing and page loading.

  1. Pro Element Menu

Using the Pro Menu Builder, you can create a menu for whatever purpose you choose. Mobile menus are also included in this.

When using Oxygen, you can include SVG shape dividers natively, and you can also create additional ones on third-party websites and then import them into your design.

  1. CSS Grid

CSS grid layouts are now available in Oxygen’s Divs and Sections. Additionally, grid Layout controls are provided for Easy Posts and Repeaters components, allowing you to use CSS Grid to lay out dynamic elements using a point-and-click interface instead.

Having seen all of Oxygen Builder’s wonderful features, let’s get down to the pricing options and how you can get Oxygen Builder for your website.

How Much Does Oxygen Builder Cost?

Oxygen is a high-end website builder. A free version is not available. Despite this, it is offered for a modest one-time, lifetime subscription. This runs contrary to the majority of page builders, such as Beaver Builder and Elementor, both of which need an annual subscription charge.

The following are the current prices for the Oxygen Builder addon:

  • Basic Package – $129, comes with only the Oxygen plugin.
  • WooCommerce Package – $169, comes with the Oxygen Builder addon, and the WooCommerce integration.
  • Agency Package – $199, comes with the Oxygen plugin, WooCommerce integration, and the Gutenberg Block Builder.
  • Ultimate Package – $299, comes with the features of the Agency Plan, and composite elements.

Each package comes with:

  • 2 Years Regular Updates
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • The License comes with a License Key
  • Authentic files, devoid of malware
  • Instant download link


  • Strong engine for WordPress websites
  • Comprehensive visual editor.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Access to page CS.
  • Layout control.


  • Not good for newbies.
  • Complex to get started and install.
  • The basic version does not have eCommerce functions.

Getting Started with Oxygen Builder

From the features listed above, you can see for yourself that Oxygen Builder is a very good addon for your website. Assuming you currently have an active WP CMS version installed on your hosting, the only way to utilize Oxygen Builder is to purchase it from the links provided above. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll have immediate access to the Oxygen zip file.

Installing and activating the Oxygen Builder Addon from the WordPress Admin Panel is next in line. Activating a WordPress plugin is much like activating any other WP plugin. The only difference here is that you’ll also need to submit the zip file that you purchased already. The last step is to enter the License Key which will be provided for you after purchase. If you do not do this, the WordPress dashboard will not allow you to manage or install system upgrades.

You’ll see the visual editor appear on the Page screen of your admin panel if you’ve done everything correctly. Once you’ve clicked the “Add new” button, you can begin creating your new website. As you can see, getting started with WordPress involves some familiarity with the basics. Due to this reason, we are unable to state that the program is user-friendly for beginners.

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