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Free & Original product! We Purchase And Download From Original Authors You’ll Receive Without Any Alteration & Unmodified Files 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus Unlimited Domain Usage Free New Version Lifetime free updates !!! Product Version: 4.0.14 Product Last Updated: 22-12-2021 License: GPL

MainWP Client Reports

The MainWP Client Reports development combines the rule of the free MainWP Child Reports plugin including a totally customizable reporting apparatus after allow thou after beget the kind over document ye are big according to send to your clients.

Professional Reports because your Clients

The MainWP Client Reports extension combines the power on the free MainWP Child Reports plugin together with a entirely customizable reporting device after permit ye after effect the type over file ye are big according to ship according to your clients.

The MainWP Child Reports plugin will track yet monitor every alternate done regarding your child web page or below the Client Reports Extension will accumulate so records or vary that in accordance with a format so much ye do exhibit your clients.

We also took within tale so ye might also now not want you clients to consult up to expectation everything is being recorded then the Extension gives you the option in imitation of disguise the MainWP Child plugin monitors whilst nonetheless permitting such according to gather the data.

MainWP Clint Reports Available Tokens

The MainWP Client Reports expansion approves thou display archives out of the Stream Plugin, adjunct Backups statistics recorded with the aid of the MainWP Dashboard itself.

The expansion pleasure enable ye according to track changes for:

Plugins (Activated, Deactivated, Installed, Deleted, Edited, Updated, …)
Themes (Activated, Deactivated, Installed, Deleted, Edited, Updated, …)
Posts (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored,…)
Pages (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored,…)
Comments (Created, Deleted, Edited, Restored, Approved, Spammed, Replied…)
Users (Created, Deleted, Edited,…)
Media (Uploaded, Deleted, Edited,…)
Menus (Created, Deleted, Updated,…)
Widgets (Added, Deleted, Updated,…)
and WordPress core (Updates)
Backups (Time/Dated yet Backup Type)

Client Reports and Other MainWP Extensions

MainWP Client Reports development interacts together with stream MainWP extensions:

  • MainWP Sucuri Extension : Enables you to exhibit protection scan results because thine baby sites in you reports
  • Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension : It will enable you to show infant site uptime records among your reports
  • MainWP Piwik Extension : Enables thou in imitation of show thine child site visitors information into thy reports
  • MainWP Google Analytics Extension : Enables ye in imitation of exhibit you infant site visitors facts between thine reports
  • MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension : Enables ye in imitation of show income information out of thy baby websites of thine reports
  • MainWP Page Speed Extension : Enables ye in conformity with show Page Speed effects into your reports
  • MainWP Maintenance Extension : Enables you after show done maintenance movements in thy reports
  • MainWP Broken Links Checker Extension : Enables thou according to show facts respecting damaged hyperlinks into thy reports
  • MainWP Wordfence Extension : Enables thou in conformity with show Wordfence scan outcomes among your reports

Design Your Reports

The Client Reports Extension usage an intuitive token dictation so much approves you after diagram yet beget professional reviews together with the information you necessity in imitation of show to thy clients.

You perform show as baby yet namely a whole lot statistics between the report so ye want. Below you choice locate 2 PDF examples over reports constructed together with the Extension; a dead simple file or certain with extra element then custom text.

Remember, you execute perform thy reviews namely white yet as primary namely you want. You do conjoin thine personal textual content then pix in accordance with every report according to customise the file because each client.

You perform too alternate the file format because each purchaser and afterward save so much plan because of after use. The Report Extension additionally provides ye the ability to add custom content material consisting of touch info, images, extra textual content or somebody vile content material thou necessity in accordance with consist of of thy report.

One thine file is complete thou can e-mail it directly in conformity with your consumer from thy Dashboard or down load the record as like a PDF.

Generate Reports among Seconds

Reuse you document templates (whole reports, and just a parts) then grow reports among seconds.

Fully Automate

The MainWP Child Reports plugin choice report whole actions because of you. You don’t necessity in imitation of make notes then song someone modifications on the website by means of yourself. Later, simply makes use of the Client Reports expansion in accordance with beget a report.

Highly Customizable

Use the provided tokens in imitation of customise reviews because your purchasers then it get only the statistics he need.

Be a Professional

Notify you consumers in relation to movements concerning their web sites of a everyday basis. This extension desire enable ye after do this then store a cluster about thine time.

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