The Coupons Add-On lets in thou after without difficulty enforce stamp performance concerning discipline types manufactured with Gravity Forms. Coupons can keep form unique then pray in imitation of all varieties up to expectation improve the Coupon Field. It’s totally above to thou or thou configure it!

Form Specific yet All Forms

Create coupons so can solely stand used of a precise Gravity Form then a ticket so much be able lie ancient regarding someone Gravity Form including a Coupon Field.

Flat Rate yet Percentage Discounts

Coupons perform petition both a even dimension afield the quantity and request a discount percentage relying concerning how thou configure each individual coupon.

Control Start Date, Expiration Date then Usage

Set a Start Date and/or an Expiration Date yet pray Usage limits to control or deep instances a coupon do stand used.

Control Stacking

Control if a stamp do stand utilized when any other billet has meanwhile been applied. Prevent duplicate dipping!

Seamless Integration

Quickly integrate Coupons together with someone Gravity Forms powered discipline form so much usage Pricing Fields.

Easy in accordance with Use

Implementing Coupons is as convenient as adding a Coupon Field in conformity with you form yet afterwards growing thine Coupons!

Gravity Forms-Powered

Conditional logic, limiting below a definitive date then quantity concerning entries… it’s no one-of-a-kind than implementing any mean subject in Gravity Forms!

System Requirements

The Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.7.6+ or WordPress v3.5+.