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Summary of the Plugin

The Frames (or sometimes called Wireframe) plugin is one of a kind. It allows Bricks Builder tocreate templates/wireframes using modules and modular system. As far as Bricks is concerned, if you have already been deploying them for the design of web pages, Frames will come into play to let you save and re-use entire layout patterns…

What’s the Deal with Frames?

Frames (or Wireframe as it’s sometimes called) is a powerful plugin for WordPress that turbocharges the Bricks Builder with a modular system for wireframing and templating. If you’re already using Bricks to visually design websites, Frames gives you the ability to save and re-use complete layout patterns or individual components.


The Features Bringing the Heat

  1. On its surface, Frames is all about making your design workflow smoother and more efficient. But crack this thing open, and you’ll find a mega-stocked feature set:
  2. The Template Vault – At its core, Frames revolves around letting you create and manage an entire library of custom templates and modular sections. Save any combination of bricks as a reusable wireframe with one click. Perfect for stashing layouts, headers, footers, and more!
  3. Batch Editing Bliss – Finding yourself repeating the same changes across multiple templates or components? Frames includes batch editing functionality to sync updates across your entire library simultaneously. A huge timesaver!
  4. Real-Time Previewing – As you’re assembling wireframes, Frames keeps a live preview pane open so you can peep your work without breaking flow. If something looks off, just hop back into the builder and tweak away.
  5. Component Nesting – Wireframes in Frames aren’t just flat templates – you can nest modular components inside other components or templates for compound designs. It’s easy building big, intricate layouts from smaller sections.
  6. Cloud Sync Included – Frames hooks up with the cloud-based Bricks Hub, giving you the option to upload/download wireframes for sharing across team members or client sites. Your entire component library travels with you!
  7. Third-Party Imports – The days of recreating the wheel are over. Frames lets you import pre-built templates from third-party marketplaces and resource libraries directly into your Bricks installation.


Getting Up and Running

  • Since Frames is a premium add-on for Bricks Builder, you’ll need to first purchase a license to get started. You can get the plugin via free wp itemsThe team offers pricing packages based you capacity 
  • Once you check out, they’ll send over a license key you can use to activate Frames within your Bricks account. Download the plugin zip, upload it to your WordPress site, punch in that key and you’re off to the races! Updates are automatically handled moving forward.


What Makes Frames Stand Out  

  • While there’s no shortage of other page builder plugins out there with template or wireframing capabilities, Frames holds a unique advantage by specializing solely in extending the Bricks platform.
  • Rather than being built as an all-in-one bundle, it’s able to go deeper on modular templating by laser-focusing on that one use case. Compared to basic wireframing tools, Frames offers more UI fine-tuning, live previewing and other advanced features.
  • And of course, being an official product from the Bricks team itself ensures guaranteed long-term compatibility, security and support you can count on. It just works seamlessly within Bricks’ architecture.


What Users Are Saying  

“Wireframes are a total gamechanger for my agency’s design process with Bricks – my team cranks out client sites way quicker by reusing our library of custom components.”


“Being able to batch update styles across headers/footers and reusable templates at once has saved me so much tedious busy work! Frames is a no-brainer for power users like me.”


The Bottom Line on Frames

  • If you’re already going all-in on Bricks as your WordPress page builder of choice, adding Frames into the mix is a must for unlocking maximum design workflow efficiency. With its template and component management system, you’re essentially getting wireframing and modular building superpowers.
  • What could take hours recreating layouts and sections from scratch suddenly gets reduced to loading pre-built components and fine-tuning from there. And quality-of-life features like batch editing and real-time previews help streamline that process even further.
  • For freelancers or agencies cranking out sites regularly, having a personalized library of on-brand templates and design patterns is huge. Frames lets you roll out complex builds in record time by remixing your vault of pre-approved components.
  • There’s definitely a premium price tag attached. But considering the time (and money) it could save your design team each project, Frames is well worth the investment for Bricks power users.




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