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Summary of the Plugin

In a world where WordPress themes and page builders is ever on the increase Divi Extras License is that unique secret spice that takes the widely known Divi theme to the new levels of the awesome.

What is Divi Extras License?

In a world of endless WordPress themes and page builders, Divi Extras License is that special secret sauce that takes the wildly popular Divi theme to entirely new levels of awesome. It’s an indispensable plugin packed with bonus features and functionality that Divi users absolutely need.

Features of Divi Extras License

  • Where do I even begin with this plugin’s stacked feature list? It’s like the developers at Elegant Themes went into a supernatural trance and channeled the collective desires of the entire Divi fanbase.
  • For starters, it overflows with new customization powers for the Divi theme and builder. We’re talking advanced options for granular control over tiniest details, from custom css fields to scroll effects to animation timings and more. If tweaking is your thang, this plugin opens new cosmic realms.
  • The library of bonus section dividers and new modules like hotspots, side navigations, and progress bars/circles makes Divi more versatile than a Swiss Army knife. No third-party bloat required to zhuzh up your pages and squeeze out every ounce of creative juice.
  • Then you’ve got time-saving workflow upgrades like the Game Changer – a slick search, insert, and sync tool that’ll have you constructing sites at ludicrous speed. Plus you can bulk edit and sync modules with just a few clicks.
  • On the frontend, animated gradients, cursor effects, and sick scroll mapping animations add buttery smooth microinteractions to impress your site visitors. Those thoughtful little touches go a long way toward elevating slick web experiences.
  • And let’s not forget huge conveniences like global overrides for sitewide style changes, conditional logic for dynamic content, custom role editors, and even client-friendly options to selectively disable certain plugin features.

Getting Your Hands on a License Key

This premium plugin is a paid product, but scoring a license key is just a couple clicks away over at Free WP Items, you can get it at a very low price over there.

How It Compares to Other Plugins

  • To put it bluntly, Divi Extras License makes other Divi-enhancing plugins look like chump change. Its depth, thoughtful features, and thunderous development from the Elegant Themes team is really in a league of its own.
  • Sure, you can find free hotchpotch plugins on CodeCanyon for animations or dividers or whatnot. But Divi Extras seamlessly blends all those together and far more, built exclusively for Divi to maximize compatibility, speed and integration. It just works.
  • Not to mention the regular updates and enhancements you get from being an Elegant Themes product, rather than some ancient set-and-forget plugin languishing on .org. Divi Extras is a modern, continually-improved solution.
  • Why risk adding yet another codebase to your stack when you can have it all optimized out-the-box in one plugin? It’s a no-brainer convenience.

User Testimonials

“I won’t work with Divi without also having this plugin installed, it’s that essential!”

“Elevates Divi into an entirely new realm of design freedom and creative possibilities.” 

“Does for Divi what rocket fuel does for toy cars. A total game-changer!”

Final Thoughts  

Look, if you’re already aboard the Divi theme train, you’d be straight up doing yourself a disservice by not also installing the Divi Extras License. This plugin is pretty much a requirement for unlocking Divi’s full potential.

The sheer amount of new customization controls, bonus modules, workflow enhancements and front-end flair that it adds almost makes the core Divi product feel incomplete without it. Divi Extras elevates the theme into an unbeatable website creation tour-de-force.

With the reasonable pricing from a quality company like Elegant Themes, plus the bulletproof integration and flawless compatibility, this plugin offers an incredible value proposition. For serious Divi diehards, it’s simply a must-have.


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