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Summary of the Plugin

This really useful plugin makes building forms out of pure fun-based drag-and-drop adventures in the Divi visual builder. No code, no hassle, no sweat.

About Divi Engine Form Builder

Okay, let’s be real – building forms from scratch is nobody’s idea of a good time. Between wrangling all those fields into rows and columns, adding conditional logic, syncing with apps…it’s a full-on headache!

That’s where Divi Engine Form Builder comes in to save the day. This handy plugin basically turns form creation into a fun little drag-and-drop adventure right inside Divi’s visual editor. No coding, no struggles, no sweat.


What’s Under the Hood?

  • Sure, Form Builder lets you whip up contact forms and surveys visually by plunking down fields. But this thing is an absolute field kitchen-sinker when it comes to options:
  • Let’s start with the field selection. You’ve got all the usual suspects – text inputs, dropdowns, multiple choice, you know the drill. But then it gets crazy with file uploads, legal e-signature boxes, calculated fields for pricing/quotes…the whole nine yards!
  • Then there’s the conditional logic piece, which is basically form building nirvana. With some simple drag-and-drop, you can set fields and whole sections to show/hide automatically based on previous responses. That way, you’re only bugging folks with applicable questions. 
  • But it gets better – those conditional fields can house calculations that update in real-time as people are filling it out. Tax calculations, price quotes, mortgage rates…if math is involved, Form Builder’s got you covered with its calculation magic.
  • After someone hits submit, that’s when the routing wizardry kicks in. You can shoot off notifications to different email addresses or third-party apps based on trigger rules you set. Form responses can even get logged to custom databases, Google Sheets, or clientsfavourite CRMs like Salesforce.
  • And don’t even get me started on the styling possibilities…Since this is a Divi product through-and-through, you can design form layouts just as crazy as any other page or popup. We’re talking columns, background images, animations, you name it. 
  • Long story short, it’s flexible AF when it comes to both form building and prettifying.


License and Install in a Jiffy

  1. So you’ll have to fork over some cash for Form Builder since it’s a premium plugin. But hey, if you want to buy it so cheap and avoid the price point of the original site, just head on purchase..
  2. Once you purchase based on your site count, you’ll get a license key zapped to your inbox. From there, just upload the plugin zip to your WordPress site, slap in that license key, and boom – form builder party!
  3. That license also gets you hooked up with any future updates and support wins from the Elegant Themes squad. It’s a lifer, baby!


How It Stacks Up Against Other Form Builders

  • Alright, admittedly there’s no shortage of form builder options out there already. The difference is, Form Builder was purpose-built from the ground up specifically for the Divi ecosystem. It’s not some separate third-party tool tacked onto the editor – this thing seamlessly integrates with Divi’s inner workings.
  • That native integration means you get a smooth, intuitive form building workflow without any code hiccups or crashing into random bugs. No disjointed tools, no wonky incompatibilities…just good ol’ reliable Elegant Themes ingenuity.
  • Then you’ve got the additional firepower under the hood when it comes to design flexibility and conditional logic. A lot of those basic free or cheap form plugins only let you slap together a simple contact form or lead gen box. With Form Builder, the creative limits are…well, damn near limitless!


User Shoutouts

“entire 30-question product quiz with conditional logic in the time it would’ve taken me just to set up a basic form in other builders. This thing is a gamechanger!” – Caleb J.

No lie, I built my 

“Formie McForm Builder was a huge part of my rebrand last year. Being able to customize every last detail with Divi’s design controls ensured my forms matched my sleek new style guide to a T.” – Michelle L.


The Last Form Builder You’ll Need

  • Let’s cut to the chase – if you’re already a Divi diehard looking to seriously up your form game, this plugin is an absolute must-grab. Whether you’re creating basic newbie magnets or advanced multi-page applications, you’ve got all the horses in the stable to pull it off seamlessly.
  • The visual interface and inline Divi integration make designing a complete joy. But then you get heavy-duty utility with all the conditional logic, calculated fields, and third-party app routing under the hood.
  • And yeah, it’ll run you some coin upfront. But it’s a worthwhile investment when you’re basically paying for a first-party Elegant Themes product with lifetime updates/support. No more getting nickel-and-dimed for extensions or falling behind with shady developer abandonment!
  • Divi Engine Form Builder truly is a stroke of genius for the form-builder challenged. Two spatula-licking thumbs up from me!



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